Brigitte D

Hello, this is the owner of Gripsou, who has become Cayenne. My husband and I are very happy to have adopted him. He is the king of the house. He is a 3

Nathalie L

I used to be called Elektra, and now it's Yuna. As you can see in the photos, I'm doing well (although I need to go on a little diet ).

Catherine D

Cayenne is a very pleasant little dog, very comfortable with us, obedient (although slightly stubborn). She has no issues with the other dogs in our family or those encountered during our walks...

Maxime L

We adopted Woody through the SPA (Animal Protection Society) of Pornic. Woody is an exceptional dog, affectionate, close to humans, and very obedient. You can immediately sense the education...

Emilie M

Here's some news about Simba, formerly Iron, with us since June 2022. This year, he has decided to rule the garden! Beware of anyone who dares to enter.

Catherine T

Doggy Oasis is like a huge vacation camp for our furry friends. You immediately feel a beautiful energy; the dogs are happy, some play, some sleep, and others have a blast.

Laurie S

Her name is Meï; she arrived at our house a year ago. We got her when she was 2 months old; she had been abandoned in a box. Very timid in the first few months, it took a lot of time, patience, caresses, and love for her to open her heart to us.

Valerie M

Adoption of yumi just 4 months ago. We do not regret trusting doggy oasis. Louloute super, good basic education. It evolves from day to day…

Nathalie U

Salem has been part of the family for 9 months thanks to doi, a great association that prepares the loulous for basic education, questions future adopters about their expectations…

Catherine et Michel C

In order to respond to your request for testimonials from adopters, here are photos of Una, renamed Bonnie. We have had it for 10 days: 10 days of mutual discovery, happiness, …