Nathalie L

I used to be called Elektra, and now it's Yuna.
As you can see in the photos, I'm doing well (although I need to go on a little diet 🤭🤭😉😉). 🤭🤭😉😉)
I take long walks in the forest, I get lots of cuddles, and my owners give me lots of love, just like I give to them.
I'm an angel, but I also take good care of my home.
Thank you again for taking care of me.
On April 1, 2023, we had our first meeting at the Compiègne SPA, and on April 5, it will be a year since she joined our family.
We love her so much 💜💚💜💚. 💜💚💜💚
Thank you to all of you who give them love from the moment they arrive at the center, you are amazing.
See you soon with more news.
Yuna, Nathalie et Yohann

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