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Doggy Oasis International needs your support! Come and discover our unique shelter by spending a week or more as a volunteer and learn about the daily life of our pack of dogs. Join us in saving, rehabilitating, loving, training, or teaching. However, we understand that freeing up time can be challenging but there are other ways to help us aside from volunteering at the sanctuary:

  • You can sponsor one of our dogs
  • Join us for a walk with the pack
  • Support us on HELLOASSO
  • Are you traveling to France? Accompany one of our dogs to join its new family as a transport carrier

Travelling with one of our dogs

Our dogs are adoptable in France. We are looking for occasional or regular travelers who could volunteer to accompany our dogs on a flight so they can join their new families.


Do you want to contribute to the sanctuary's operation and the comfort of our tenants? Do you want to support our actions? Find us on helloasso

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